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Warburtons Bakery

Warburtons Bakery

warburtons bakeryThe Situation:

Producing quality bakery foods at good value for customers is part of Warburtons mission, and is a major reason for the company’s near consistent year-on-year growth. Critical to the quality of the company’s product is ensuring that the baking environment and equipment is always clean, a typically laborious process that involves a large, mobile maintenance team. 

In the 10,000 square foot baking facility, there are many things for its quality assurance (QA) manager to worry about; from general maintenance and equipment repair to shelf life and product contamination. 


How to keep the PU resin floors throughout the production areas clean & safe whilst adhering to Warburtons stringent policy on the use of aggressive chemicals, coupled with the need to also keep the areas as dry as possible throughout the cleaning process. Whilst the day to day cleaning process using traditional scrubber driers has its place this process is not suitable to get under all of the equipment and production lines and eventually removes the slip resistance element from the floor surface due to abrasion .Deck scrubbing and contra rotating brush machines produce only limited results due to factors such as chemical dwell time, brush pressure and heat. 

"No matter how hard you try water gets everywhere, and even after trying to remove the moisture water remains. In a Baking environment, we are highly concerned about the long term quality and shelf life of our products. Where there is a moisture build up there is a greater chance of biological, mould growth. That is why so much emphasis is placed on not just cleaning our equipment but actually sanatising it. We were spending a lot of time,money and resources keeping our facility clean and maintaining our high sanitation standards

Hot Jet Solution:

Encouraged by the effectiveness of the Hot Jet system at two other food plants, (where the moisture levels were not critical) the Hygiene manager brought in a system for testing. The system delivers hot water at temperatures up to 140 degrees celcius under pressure up to 2000psi. The delivery of the super heated water is contained within an enclosed head and removed instantly once it has contacted the floor surface without any fluid or steam escaping to the surrounding environment. The combination of heat and pressure, which are both fully variable dependant on application, offer unrivaled cleaning and sanitation without the use of any chemicals and without affecting the slip resistance of the surface. The manouverability of the cleaning head and its very low profile means that getting under production lines and otherwise hard to reach areas is a thing of the past. 


The results have been impresive both aesthetically and hygenically and taken the floors throughout the production area to a standard previously unachievable through conventional cleaning techniques. Advance Groups Hot Jet system has proven effective in cleaning hard-to-reach areas and eliminates any secondary waste disposal or concern of water contaminating production in the tight spaces around the equipment. "We do a lot of testing to determine how clean our facility is after cleaning and with Advance Groups Hot Jet system we are able to do more than simply removing debris. We are actually sanitising our floors, which will have a positive impact on the long term quality of our products and the life and effectiveness of our floors too."

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